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Other Services

Other Services Falher Registries Offers

Falher Registries also offers a wide variety of other services. Whether you'd like to order a birth certificate, do a lien search, or get your passport photo taken we can help you.

At Falher Registries, we offer the following types of other services:

Registry Search

Vital Statistics Services

Falher Registries can offer the following vital statistics services:

Birth certificates

Death certificates

Marriage certificates

Marriage licenses

Legal name changes

Lien Searches

Falher Registries can offer the following lien searches:

Business debtor searches

Certificate of expired or discharged registration number searches

Distribution seizure searches

Individual debtor searches

Registration number searches

Serial number collateral searches

As an organization affiliated with the Government of Alberta, we can search the province of Alberta for registered liens. A typical search for registered liens can involve searching their serial numbers, individual or business debtor names, or registration numbers. However, there are many other ways to search for registered liens.

A lien search can help you determine if a specific piece of property is subject to another registration. It can even help protect the rights of buyers and creditors, which is why you should take a look through the personal property registry before buying or accepting personal property as collateral for a loan.

Please note that doing a lien search will not let you determine whether the personal property has a stolen status or not. For further information about this topic, please check with the RCMP.

Vehicle Information Reports

If you’re more interested in vehicle information reports (VIRs), you’ll be happy to know that those are included in Falher Registries’ lien searches. VIRs can help provide you with information about your vehicle’s registration history within the province of Alberta. 

Assigned to every vehicle by its manufacturer or the Insurance Bureau of Canada’s assigned VIN Program, a VIN is a unique serial number. You’ll need to provide us the VIN, and this number must be accurate and complete before we can complete a VIR request.

Once the request has been completed, you’ll find that your VIR includes the following items:

The date and time of the report

Vehicle description, including: Year, make, model, style, colour, fuel type, odometer reading if available

Vehicle status, including: Active, salvage, non-repairable, unsafe, rebuilt, and more

*Vehicle registration, including: Date vehicle first entered system, license plate classification, registration history date, and location

Lien information, which: Provides the number of liens and other related instruments that are registered in Alberta and associated with the serial number

*This information does not contain personal information for any current or previous owner, such as license plate numbers.

You can find more detailed information, such as the VIR’s secured party and the party to whom the money is owed, by purchasing a separate personal property lien search.

All information from the VIR comes from the Alberta Motor Vehicle System, so you will not be able to procure information from other provinces or countries where your vehicle may have been registered.

Additional Other Searches

Falher Registries can offer the following other types of services:

Land title searches (with a certified copy of title)

Property searches

Passport photos (for ages 16 and up only)

Commissioner for Oaths

Raffle licenses

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